Induction & Mentoring


The Mentoring Matters/Journey to Excellence Mentoring and Induction Program provided by GHAEA is designed to: 
  1. Prepare and support mentors as theyassist beginning educators' entry into the teaching profession. 
  2. Promote excellence in teaching and enhance student learning for beginning educators by providing Professional Learning Projects aligned with the Iowa Teaching Standards.

AEA and LEA Partnership:

Both entities have a role in providing a complete induction program for beginning educators and their mentors. GHAEA is committed to providing the mentor training to supplement the induction activities in the district. The district may personalize the process for mentors and new professionals by providing: 

  • Training on district procedures and professional development initiatives. 
  • Organizational support as mentioned in your Mentoring and Induction Plans (time to observe, plan, reflect, etc.)
  • Other on-going support for new professionals that the district has included in their TLC Plans

Mentoring Matters/Journey to Excellence, involves beginning educators and mentors in high-quality, research-based experiences to enhance professional practice.  In GHAEA six days of training are held over two years for the mentor, four days the first year and two days the second year. Using best teaching practices, mentors are trained for their role of supporting beginning teachers. Interactive and in-depth, the training also offers opportunities for mentors to reflect on their own practice as they provide guidance to beginning teachers. Mentors leave with a set of materials and skills designed to effectively structure conversations about teaching practice.



2017 - 2018 Journey to Excellence Dates

2017 - 2018 GHAEA M/I Registration
Please contact Michelle Catterson or Michelle Lidgett to register for the Journey to Excellence training


"There is much confusion and misuse of the words mentoring and induction. The two terms are not synonymous, yet they are often used incorrectly. Induction is a processa comprehensive, coherent, and sustained professional development process—that is organized by a school district to train, support, and retain new teachers and seamlessly progresses them into a lifelong learning programMentoring is an action. It is what mentors do. A mentor is a single person, whose basic function is to help a new teacher. Mentoring is not induction. A mentor is a component of the induction process." (Harry Wong, Induction Programs That Keep NewTeachers Teaching and Improving)


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GHAEA M/I Facilitator

Sara Dressel
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TLC work teams: 

The intention of this document is to support your TLC work team with research, resources and information regarding Part 4 of the TLC Application, “Extent to which the plan will improve entry into the teaching profession for new teachers.”

When looking to improve your program, mentors share that lack of TIME is a big factor as it relates to 1-4 from the Legislation. All of the following be expanded and enhanced locally:

1. Includes released time for mentors and beginning teachers to plan,
2. Supports the demonstration of successful/effective classroom practices,
3. Allows for beginning teachers to observe successful/effective teachers’ practices, and receive feedback
4. Allows for mentors to observe beginning teachers’ classrooms and provide feedback.