The Air Self-Determination Assessment focuses on two main components: Capacity and Opportunity.  Capacity refers to the knowledge, abilities, and perceptions which allow the student to be self-determined.  Opportunity refers to the student's chances to use their knowledge and abilities.  The AIR Self-Determination Assessments are available for you to use, free of charge. Download the manual and each scale by clicking on the attachments below.

The ARC Self-Determination Scale was developed by Dr. Michael Wehmeyer and colleagues to  measure strengths and weaknesses of adolescents with disabilities, facilitate student involvement in educational planning and instruction to promote self-determination as an educational outcome, and assess student self-determination skills for research purposes.

The ARC Self-Determination Scale is available for you to use, free of charge (see below for permission letter). Download the Procedural Guidelines manual and ARC Scale by clicking on the attachments below. Users may not modify the scale or redistribute the scale without additional permission from the copyright holder (Michael Wehmeyer).

The ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Assessment is a curriculum-referenced tool that measures students' self-determination skills and progress in the ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum. Educators use the ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Assessment to assess middle and high school students' with mild to moderate disabilities self-determination skills and opportunities at school to exercise these skills across three areas: (a) choosing educational, vocational, and personal goals, (b) students' involvement in their IEP meetings, and (c) students' attainment of IEP goals, including developing a plan, implementing the plan, self-evaluation of plan progress, and adjusting any of the plan parts.

The Field Hoffman Self-Determination Assessment Battery uses five instruments to measure cognitive, behavioral, and affective traits to determine levels of self-determination.  Perspectives are gathered from students, parents, and teachers.  A user's guide is also available.