Future Problem Solving

Dr. E.P. Torrance designed the Future Problem Solving Program (FPS) in 1974 as a way of helping capable students think more creatively and productively about critical issues. Students learn and apply the six-step creative problem solving process to complex social, political, scientific, economic and technological issues. By so doing, we believe that we are helping prepare our children to be more proactive and positive about the future they will face.

The FPS program promotes continuous improvement through its evaluation process, authentic assessment of the products the students have produced. The first two problems of each year are practice problems with considerable feedback given by trained evaluators. Subsequent problems are competitive, if the coach and students desire to participate competitively.

In the Iowa FPS program, we offer the following components:

  • Team Problem Solving
  • Individual Problem Solving
  • Scenario Writing
  • Action-based Problem Solving
  • Community Problem Solving/Team
  • Community Problem Solving/Individual

We are proud that FPS meets and exceeds standards in language arts, social studies, science, technology, the arts, life skills (thinking and reasoning standards) and behavioral studies (collaborative work.)

Future Problem Solving teaches students HOW to think, not what to think.

For more information, visit the Future Problem Solving website or send them an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..