Hearing Services

Audiologists provide diagnostic and rehabilitative services for students with hearing impairment, birth through 21 years old. Services include hearing evaluation and monitoring, middle ear analysis, determination of amplification needs, evaluation of effectiveness and monitoring of amplification, advocating for children/students with hearing loss, and consultative support to teachers, school districts, and parents.

Audiometrists are trained hearing technicians responsible for the hearing screening programs in the local schools.

Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing specialize in the education, communication and auditory rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing students, ages birth to 21 years. Services are itinerant in that they are provided in the student's school or home. Therapy in the school is conducted either individually or within the student's classroom. Teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing work with the parents and the educational team to ensure success in the educational environment.



Ron Russell

Director of Specialized Supports and Services