Level I Investigator

To deal with general allegations that a school employee may have abused a child in the course of that individual’s employment, the Iowa Legislature, in 1989, required all schools in the state to adopt a uniform procedure for investigating such allegations.  The law is found at Iowa Code 280.17. It covers the duty under the Code to investigate allegations that a school employee has physically or sexually abused a student.  The State Board of Education adopted administrative rules, and the Department of Education formulated a sample policy for adoption by school boards of both public and private schools.  

Level I Investigator Chapter 102 Manual (Part B begins on page 14 (B-1) - The manual deals with mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse to DHS and with reporting and investigating alleged abuse of students by school employees. The Table of Contents is below.


Part B [Procedures for Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Students by School Employees] Sample Policy

  • Sample Policy
  • Chapter 102 Rules and Comments
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Complaint Form
  • Report of Level One Investigation
  • Sex Crimes
  • Ban on Corporal Punishment
  • Statute Mandating Creation of Chapter 102 Rules
  • Board of Educational Examiners Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Contact Information


Helpful Information from the manual

  1. Jurisdiction: To constitute a violation of these rules, acts of the school employee must be alleged to have occurred on school grounds, on school time, on a school-sponsored activity, or in a school-related context. The student allegedly abused is or was a student at the time of the incident and the incident meets the definition of abuse in these rules.  
  2. Duties: the school must annually identify at least one designated investigator and an alternate investigator at an open meeting. This means 2. It is recommended that a district appoint one male and one female. A second-level investigator must also be identified, which often is law enforcement.
  3. Duties: the district must annually publish the names or positions AND telephone numbers or other contact information of the designated investigator and alternate in the student handbook, in a local newspaper, and prominently posted in all buildings operated by the school. Additionally, it is recommended that the contact information above be listed on the school’s website. 
  4. Training: Designated investigators and their alternates must train within 6 months of being appointed and at least every 5 years afterward.  


Training Information: 

Level I Investigator training provides educators with guidance about the differences between a school employee’s mandatory reporting responsibilities and the procedures for investigating allegations of abuse of students by school employees. It includes detailed explanations and examples of the roles and responsibilities of school authorities and level one investigators. This training also provides participants with sample policies that school boards are encouraged to review when determining their own policies regarding the handling of allegations of abuse of students by school employees. Level one investigators and their alternates are required to take this course every 5 years. Once taken, a certificate can be printed out and given to your employer. 

The training is now on-line and can be accessed by going to the website listed below. 



  1.     Go to: https://training.aealearningonline.org/index_login.php
  1.     Log in. If you have not yet registered, complete the registration information. Your district or Michelle Lidgett at the AEA can assist you with the “district password” if needed. 
  1.     Click the “catalog” icon near the top left. 
  1.     Search for “Level one” in the search box
  1.     Click – Register. You can then finalize your registration and begin taking the course



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