Student Events

Green Hills AEA has a proud history of providing regional contests or events in which all students who reside within the agency may participate. In many cases, the winners of the GHAEA contest move on to participate in state, and maybe even national, contests. Students in Green Hills AEA have won trophies, medals, savings bonds, and scholarships for their exemplary work.

Given the dwindling human resources the agency has available due to drastic budget cuts, coupled with a recommendation from our Accreditation Site Visit, Green Hills AEA has made a conscious effort to begin building community and school partnerships to sponsor these events, with the AEA providing support. The partnerships that have already been established, as well as those in development, are very exciting and promise to provide wonderful opportunities for our students. Any suggestions for partnership possibilities are welcome.

Below is a list of the student events held within Green Hills AEA. Included in that list is the name and contact information for the community and/or school partner contact, as well as that of the GHAEA associated  staff member. You may contact any of these people for additional information regarding that event, or you may call or email David VanHorn, the administrator that oversees Student Events. You can find additional information, including dates and the web page for contest information (if there is one), regarding each individual event by clicking on the appropriate link below.