Induction & Mentoring

   The Right Track Mentor Training develops skills in peer observation, adult learning, observation and data collection, practice for reflective questioning, providing effective feedback and coaching; an understanding of the change process and phases of development; and strategies for guiding and supporting beginning educators including social and emotional support. The skills for coaching, collaboration and consulting are the centerpiece of the training of mentors.   

Mentors must meet the following requirements:
  • An individual must be employed by an area education agency or a school district and hold a valid license
  • The individual must have a record of three years of successful professional practice
  • Must be a non-probationary employee of the district or AEA
  • Must demonstrate professional commitment to both the improvement of teaching and learning and the development of beginning educators
Outcome/Objective #1: Mentors will develop an understanding of the following: Brokering Relationships, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Coaching, Communicating, Encouraging, Facilitating, Goal-Setting, Guiding, Listening, Managing Conflict, Problem-Solving, Providing Feedback, Reflecting and Valuing Differences.
Outcome/Objective #2: Mentors will develop an understanding of the Phases of a New Teacher: Anticipation, Survival, Disillusionment, Rejuvenation, Reflection, and Anticipation.
Outcome/Objective #3: Mentors will utilize strategies for developing a learning-focused relationship with their mentee.

AEA and LEA Partnership:

Both entities have a role in providing a complete induction program for beginning educators and their mentors. GHAEA is committed to providing the mentor training to supplement the induction activities in the district. The district may personalize the process for mentors and new professionals by providing: 

  • Training on district procedures and professional development initiatives. 
  • Organizational support as mentioned in your Mentoring and Induction Plans (time to observe, plan, reflect, etc.)
  • Other on-going support for new professionals that the district has included in their TLC Plans


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GHAEA M/I Facilitator

Sara Dressel
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TLC work teams: 

The intention of this document is to support your TLC work team with research, resources and information regarding Part 4 of the TLC Application, “Extent to which the plan will improve entry into the teaching profession for new teachers.”

When looking to improve your program, mentors share that lack of TIME is a big factor as it relates to 1-4 from the Legislation. All of the following be expanded and enhanced locally:

1. Includes released time for mentors and beginning teachers to plan,
2. Supports the demonstration of successful/effective classroom practices,
3. Allows for beginning teachers to observe successful/effective teachers’ practices, and receive feedback
4. Allows for mentors to observe beginning teachers’ classrooms and provide feedback.